The Stories of Our Games

I tend to anthropomorphize everything in my life, including board games and their components. You can see some of this mental disturbance in my board game follies and my Lego Author’s Life. In my mind, game components and Lego people have little lives of their own. This carries over to board games.

Whether it’s the story the players create as they play (you know, the one you’re still telling six years later about how you made a great move only to have your opponent snatch victory from you at the bitter end), or the story of the game itself as told through the theme and the characters, games tell stories. At least to me, they do. In my mind, characters from one game sometimes venture into another, or start relationships with other game characters. They don’t just live passively inside a box. There’s a life going on.

Books and Board Games

On this page, I’ll be posting links to my stories. They’ll be short and sweet. Knowing the game being referenced might help, but you can probably get by even if you don’t know games. In any case, I’ll include a link to the game’s page on so you can orient yourself.