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Cooking for Creativity and Mental Health


In the past year and a half, I’ve discovered a new passion: Cooking. (And baking.) Believe me, I’m more surprised by this development than anyone else. Growing up, my mother would watch Julia Child or Justin Wilson and I’d leave the room, bored out of my mind. Later, I became the Queen of Convenience Food. …

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What Books and Board Games Have In Common

Books and Board Games

Board gamers are a diverse bunch. Some are techies who work in the worlds of science and computers. Others are doctors, artists, executives, lawyers, or activists. But what’s always struck me about board gamers is just how many writers, readers, and other literary folk play games. Clearly there is some common link that attracts word nerds …

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Overcoming the Social Media Brain Crash

Social Media Brain Crash

I never was much of a fan of social media. I never understood the hype or the joy that people derive from giving their entire lives over to the computer. Since I didn’t have a need to be on it and had plenty of other things to do with my life, I stayed away. All …

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Library Haul & Reading List 12/16/16

Library Haul & Reading List 12/16/16

I’ve just about finished my Christmas shopping (or my Christmas “clicking,”) as I like to call it since I refuse to put foot into a store unless I have to. Other than that, I’m holiday ready! Now it’s time to binge out on all my favorite holiday books and movies, relax, and get ready for …

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Care and Feeding of the Writer’s Body

Healthy Writer

The most important piece of equipment for a writer is their body (and that includes the mind). Think about it: Without a well-functioning body and mind, writing is impossible or at least very difficult. If you are sick all the time, laid up with repetitive stress injuries, or having other health issues, you don’t get …