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The Value of Partnerships in Freelancing


“No man is an island,” or so the saying goes. However, it often feels like that for freelancers. You’re all alone in the big bad world with no one to talk to and no one to help you. There’s a solution out there, though, and it can not only help you feel less alone, it …

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The Joy of Writing in a Group

Nanowrimo Writing Group

One of the (few) things I miss from my very short stint in academia is the joy of collaborative writing. It seemed like I was always working with a colleague or two on journal articles or presentations. We’d sit together in the library or cafeteria and, even though we were often working silently and on …

Freelance Writing Advice, Writing Tips & Career Advice

9 Things to Know Before You Collaborate


At some point in your writing career you might be asked (or need) to collaborate with someone else on a project. You may co-author a novel together, you may need someone with scientific experience you don’t have when you write your non-fiction book, or you may need to hire an illustrator for your children’s book. …