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What To Do When You Are Utterly Sick of Yourself

Sick of yourself

Last week, I posted about how this year I was going to get back to basics and write more, market/promote less. Part of that resolution stems from frustration at having so little time to write anymore (and how pointless constant marketing seems in the grand scheme of things), and some of it stems from a …

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Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Positive Buzz

Buzz Bee

I recently participated in the weekly #boardgamehour chat on Twitter. One of the questions was, “What tips would you give to a publisher who wants to build buzz around their game?” This question fascinated me because there are many parallels between board game publishing and book publishing. The most obvious is that both industries rely …

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Effective Social Media Engagement vs. Privacy

Privacy Vs. Engagement

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about how everything you put on the Internet lingers there forever. Writers and authors need to be mindful that what they post on blogs and social media may offend someone, damage their reputations, or be used against them in some way further down the road. There’s …