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Not Every Girl Aspires to Geekdom

Geek painting

Ever since I stepped into the Lego gender war by openly admitting my love for the Friends line of products and embracing those elements in my own builds, I’ve been fascinated by the controversy these little bricks have engendered. I spend an inordinate amount of time reading articles about the pink ghetto and the unequal treatment …

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Turning Research Into Play

Research play

When you say the word “Research” to many writers (particularly writers of fiction), you’ll get a moan or an eye roll. For many, research is the least pleasant part of writing. Many writers would rather get on to the fun stuff of stringing words together and creating worlds than dwell on pesky things like geography, …

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13 Reasons to Do Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles

In our world of electronic gadgetry, the old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle gets short shrift. It’s not sexy or exciting, some think, so it can’t possibly be any fun. But jigsaw puzzles are a great source of entertainment. As you pass the jigsaw puzzles in the toy department on the way to the more glamorous Legos, Leap …

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Which Forms of Play Are Acceptable For Adults?

Play toy

This post is not a scientific study of which forms of play are truly acceptable for adults. First of all, I don’t have the resources to conduct a real study. But more importantly, why bother? I don’t say that to be flippant (well, not totally, anyway) but to seriously pose the question: Why bother to …


“But I Don’t Wanna Get Dirty!”

Dirty hands

I was with some friends at the park the other day, enjoying a rare warm winter’s day. The sand volleyball court was full. My group wasn’t planning to play until another group asked if we’d like to play against them. My group said, “Sure,” and took off our shoes and headed onto the court. One of …